Basic & Intermediate Level 
Drawing in Brush and Ink or Siyah Qalam
The Advanced Level
Story Telling & Narrative building

Portrait & Figure

A taster in which students are introduced to the basics of Indo-Persian Miniature Painting. This course is for those who appreciate this art form and who are inquisitive and curious to learn more about its execution. Students will be

taught how to make a copy of famous miniature paintings,

by using traditional methods and materials.

Siyah Qalam or drawing with a unique handmade squirrel tail hairbrush and lamp black is a highly creative and refined practice, which enables students to exercise the old Persian, Mughal and Indian drawings and also draw from life/nature. Students are taught to translate three dimensional into two dimensional by using different modular systems of drawing. This course encourages students who have a passion for drawing and design and can

develop an eye for extreme detail.


This course is for those who wish to continue from the primary and intermediate

level to the advanced level. From the preparation and treatment of

‘Wasli’ (paper/ground for painting), pigments, polishing, burnishing of paper

and painting, to the making of brushes from squirrel tail hair and gilding.

Everything is taught in the traditional way.

Indo-Persian miniatures from the 13th to the 16th centuries were produced almost exclusively as part of the illuminated manuscripts of the era, making the narrative in miniature painting a vital part of the art form.  This course is unique and encourages those who have ideas to work from stories, poems and prose, and are interested in venturing into the art of book illustration.

This course teaches how to paint traditional

and contemporary portraits in Indo-Persian

style. Students start by copying and then

develop their own portrait compositions.



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